Share your big plans with us.


A few e-mails or a short call is all it takes to get the job done. We are happy to start cooperating with you based on your inputs sent digitally or by delivery service.


Fill out the contact form and describe your needs and plans. Any details on type of textile product, fabrics used, needed quantities will help.


In the following 24 hours, we will review your query and assess if we are the right textile workshop for your needs. Based on the stage of your product, we will reach out with suggested next steps.


What we offer:


  1. Product Idea: We are happy to assist in developing products from scratch, including material and feature consultation. This service is charged at €40/hour. Together, we will turn your idea into a prototype.
  2. Sourcing: We invested into building a strong contact network of European producers. We know personal relations are key and it's what we are good at. Sourcing your materials directly from producers means significantly cutting down on overall product costs. Rate is €25 for each hour of work.
  3. Prototyping: If you have already have a sketch and technical specifications of the item you want to make, we can start with prototyping (sampling). This costs €25 for each hour of work. Once we have a prototype, we can give you an exact price offer.
  4. Pattern Creation: In case you have a finished prototype or even a ready product and you want to have it made in our workshop but you do not have a pattern (technical template) for it, we need to create a pattern first. The rate is €25 per hour. Making the pattern will not take more than 4 hours and will be then yours to use freely.
  5. Production: In case you already have a pattern for your product, we are happy to prepare a price quote for batch/continuous production of your product and are ready to commence it immediately.
  6. Branding: We have the knowledge, experience and network of professionals to give your brand an authentic identity and help it stand out. Pricing of branding packages is always custom made depending on what you need.

Ongoing Collaboration

  • Low MOQs: Each product is different and so are the MOQs for each product, but as a rule of thumb, our MOQs start at 10 units per colour and size. 
  • Clear Ordering System: Once you submit an order through our ordering system, we will put your order in the pipeline and inform you of the estimated delivery time.
  • Fast Delivery: We usually ship first finished products within one-month from the moment you submit your order. This time can vary depending on season. 
  • Urgent Orders: We know life happens. We offer to start working on your order within 24-hours with a 50% surcharge.
  • Order Modifications: We provide flexibility to modify orders until the last Sunday before expected production start.

Benefits for Our Clients


At KNITTI, we value our partnership with you. When you choose to sew with us, we offer you these exclusive benefits:

  • Free Weekly Consultations: As part of our commitment to your success, we offer free one-hour consultations every week. Scope of advice includes branding, product development, material sourcing and marketing strategy. Each additional hour is rated at €40/hour.

  • Free Storage for Active Materials: We offer free storage for all active materials used in the past three months. This service ensures your materials are readily available when you need them, without the extra cost or hassle of managing storage yourself.


We are KNITTI.

“At KNITTI, we love crafting simple, functional, and innovative designs. We believe the better the design, the greater your product's success – and as you prosper, so do we.”



CEO and Lead Product Designer