The Story 

Our journey in the world of textiles began with Eddie, our beloved dog, who inspired us to create an orthopedic dog bed to enhance his comfort and well-being. This endeavor led to the birth of Lebeddie, a brand that quickly gained recognition for its innovative design, winning an award and securing multiple EU-wide patents.


From a Dog Brand to a Textile Workshop

Capitalizing on our success with Lebeddie, we acquired the textile workshop that was our key supplier. This strategic move expanded our expertise, giving us a deeper insight into the textile industry from both a brand and production perspective.

The Values


At our studio, the innovative spirit and customer-focused approach of Lebeddie are the driving forces. We prioritize exceptional quality, ingenuity, and customer satisfaction above everything else.


We view our clients as collaborators. Your success and growth are essential to our mission. Partnering with us means gaining more than a service provider; it means gaining an ally dedicated to realizing your vision.


We channel the same passion and commitment into every project, ensuring that your brand's journey with us mirrors the success and fulfillment we experienced with Lebeddie.

The Vision


Our studio is more than a sewing facility; it's a hub where creativity meets technical expertise. Having experienced the full cycle of brand development, from conception to customer satisfaction, we offer a unique perspective that caters to the varied demands of the textile industry.