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An EU based textile manufacturer.


We provide product design, material sourcing, prototyping and batch sewing with focus on home decor products, apparel and dog accessories for small and medium sized businesses. Our strength lies in exceptional quality monitoring, flexibility and customer oriented approach.


Centrally located next to a highway just one hour drive from Vienna, Austria, we are able to deliver shipments of all sizes quickly and cost-efficiently to all of Europe.

Our Services


  1. Award-Winning Product / Private Label Development: Have you got a product idea and what us to do the heavy lifting? We will provide you with end-to-end product or full collection developments from initial concept through design, fabrics selection, prototyping, and final production. As founders of the Lebeddie brand, who have developed award winning products with EU wide patents from a simple product idea, we bring a unique perspective to our design development process. We view each idea as a chance to bring together aspects from various fields, crafting innovative and functional items that are not only aligned with client's preferences and identity, but also set their brand apart from its competition.
  2. Material Sourcing: If needed, we leverage our extensive network of fabric and material suppliers to aid in material sourcing. Our preference is to work directly with producers, bypassing intermediaries, to secure the most optimal pricing for our clients.
  3. Prototyping: Whether you present your design on a simple sketch or a detailed technical sheet, we are skilled in transforming these concepts into functional prototypes. This process is accompanied by recommendations on the most cost-efficient and functional product construction, ensuring optimal results for your project.
  4. Mass Production: Do you already have a product developed and now you just need a batch or a continuous production? We are equipped to swiftly commence mass production. Our approach is marked by quick delivery times, reliability, and transparent communication, ensuring a smooth transition from the initial discussion to the successful delivery of first products.


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